Accident at Work Claims

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Accident at Work Compensation Claims

Should you suffer a personal injury while at work, you may be able to make a claim for accident at work compensation. Employers owe a duty of care to their employees to take all reasonable steps to provide a safe working environment for their employees at all times.

Should your employer fail to meet the reasonable standards expected and if this leads to you suffering from a personal injury caused through their negligence then you may be entitled to claim compensation against them.

You Have a Right To Claim If You Are Injured At Work

  • Even though employees are entitled to claim accident compensation when injured on duty, many fear doing this as they feel they could lose their job.
  • With the assistance of a skilled accident at work Solicitor, this process can be made incredibly simple and help remove any doubts from the Claimant in pursuing their claim.
  • Whatever the case, if you are injured while on duty then you have a legal right to pursue a claim for compensation.

What To Know About Your Accident At Work Claim

The moment an injury occurs it should be reported. Failing to do this could result in losing any accident compensation due. Do not delay.
Medical care should also be sought right away. Apart from getting much needed attention to the injury, there will now be a record that there was in fact an injury and the doctor will detail all the important information relating to your injury.
In most cases, particularly for employees who work in dangerous conditions, employers have insurance policies in place. These policies will pay for all compensation due as a result of being involved in an accident at work.

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